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Mound Minnesota Bare Metal Roof

A bare metal roof? You bet! Look at it, it looks great! This house in Mound, Minnesota is just charming with the mixed siding and the bold choice of the bare metal roof. 

For this roofing project, we chose Firestone brand, 24 gauge UC-4 standing seam metal roofing. It is bare metal, but with a coating of Galvalume. 

Galvalume is a coating consisting of zinc, aluminum and silicon that is used to protect a metal  from oxidation. It is similar to galvanizing in that it is a sacrificial metal coating which protects the base metal.

The main difference between galvanizing and Galvalume is that galvalume is a combination of zinc, aluminum, and silicon, while galvanizing is 100% zinc. The makeup of the three elements in a Galvalume coating is just over 50% aluminum, just under 50% zinc, with trace amounts of silicon.

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Protected Bare Metal Roofing