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Commercial Metal Roofing in Minnesota and Wisconsin

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Minnesota Metal Exteriors is a full-service contractor that specializes in installing commercial metal roofing products to compliment any architecture.From barns and churches, restaurants, to banks, grocery stores, repair shops, you name it and our well-trained and tested installers will welcome the opportunity to exceed your expectations.

Commercial project – complete with installed solar panels.

Apartment building metal roof  project in Minnesota.

Our work on the Aldi grocery store in Elk River, MN.

Just one of many Pizza Hut’s we roofed, this one in  in Circle Pines, MN.

We have twenty+ years of experience in metal roofing for churches, barns, restaurants, grocery stores, law offices, construction companies, big-box stores, manufacturing plants, gas stations, fast-food and any other type of building.


Why a Metal Roof for Your Business?


Metal roofs have up to a 50 year warranty on their roofs against defects and 30 year on the paint.

Petroleum Free

Metal roofing helps reduce our need for reliance on foreign fuels!


Metal roofs deflects the heat energy of the sun.


Metal Roofs release the heat energy of the sun making your building much cooler.

Strength and Durability

Protects for hail, wind fire, ice dams and other elements which can cause damage. Metal roofing is coated with Kynar 500, the industries premium finish, which is corrosion-resistant and withstands the harshest outdoor conditions for decades and has superior color retention. Unlike asphalt shingles metal will not burn, crack, tear, curl, blister, buckle, rot, rust, shed, fade or mildew.

Energy Efficiency

A metal roof reflects the suns U.V. rays by as much as 70% and more. The infrared rays emittance of a roof is a measure of absorbed solar radiation that is remitted from the roof surface to the sky. Emittance of metal roofing varies with the surface finish. Reflective roofs directly save up to 40% in heating and cooling energy costs.


Steel roofing is made with 25-40% recycled materials. Aluminum is made with 91% recycled materials. Metal roofing is also 100% recyclable when ultimately removed as part of a demolition or renovation. Millions of tons of asphalt shingles fill up landfills every year making it one of the top land fillers to date.

Low weight

No worry for a structural engineer when it comes to metal roofing. Depending upon the metal material you decide on metal is as little as one-third to one-eighth lower than traditional asphalt roofing.


Because asphalt shingles and its accessories have increased in cost by 100% since June of 2008 metal roofing is barely if not less than twice the cost of an asphalt shingle roof and you won’t have to replace your roof again!


Although we do not recommend walking on your roof you may do so if you need to.

Low maintenance

Metal roofs do not require any maintenance and are built to last.


A metal roof could increase the value of your building by thousands of dollars and may make it easier to sell because buyers usually do not want to have to replace the roof.

Insurance Benefits

Several insurance companies give discounts when you make the smart choice of choosing a metal roof. Talk to your insurance agent for details.


Our Service Area

Our service is available from Alexandria, MN and Mankato, MN to the west, to Rice Lake, Wisconsin and La Crosse, Wisconsin in the east.

Not sure if you’re in our service area? Shoot us and email or give us a call at (612) 490-6498