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Our service area includes the entire Twin Cities metro area and much of western Wisconsin. We are properly licensed, bonded & insured.

You need an ice dam removal company that can handle any size ice dams. Ice dams need to be removed from your roof, before it causes roof leaks – or more roof leaks. We are a LOCAL licenced company in Twin Cities that specializes in ice dam removal – and that only uses safe and effective methods.

We’ve experienced harsh winter storms that have caused ice dams on roofs, gutters and drain systems and drain systems throughout Minnesota and the Twin Cities area. These ice dams are known to cause serious damage to gutters, roofs, and the overall strength of your home. CALL US NOW to ensure these ice dams don’t create expensive repairs this spring. Remember, a lot of ice dams cannot be seen, as they are buried under piles of snow, or out of view.

Details of How Ice Dams Ruin Your House

Roof Snow & Ice Dam Removal Pros

Snow is a beautiful thing. That is until it piles up on your roof to the point where it causes structural damage. Then as the snow melts, ice dams can form, allowing water to get under your shingles or behind your fascia boards and leak into your attic.

Removing the snow before it can cause issues is your best bet, our roof snow clearing crews operate 24/7 and are able to clear the snow on the lower portions of your roof after any snowfall using roof rakes so that it melts properly. We offer both contracted service where we will come out after every snowfall of 2” or more and also one-off services. From flat to steep pitched and asphalt to slate there is no roof we cannot clear.


Ice Damn Removal Experts

There are numerous factors that can lead to the development of Ice dams if not dealt with promptly Ice dams can cause major damage to your home. The leaks caused by ice dams can cause damage to sheetrock and insulation, allow mold and mildew to grow, and creates conditions for dry rot to occur. This type of damage costs thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to repair.

Proper ice dam removal requires the use of hot water and steam. This gently removes the damaging snow and ice without causing damage to the underlying structure.

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