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Strength of Steel With An Asphalt Look on an Apartment Building

Apartment buildings with a mansard roof like this one can be particularly challenging to correctly keep the water out. 

A four-sided or French roof with double slopes on each side is called a Mansard roof. It forms a low pitch and mostly known as a curb roof. The concept of this roof is said to be originated in the 16th century. However, they gained popularity in the 17th century by Francois Mansart.

A great many roofing contractor, sadly, would not know how to do this correctly. 

But we are not your typical roofing contractor; we are Minnesota through-and-through and we’ve been in business for decades. For this project, we used Decra brand 26 gauge stone coated shingles that look like a traditional roof, but have all the benefits of a steel roof, keeping the apartment safe from the elements for many years to come. 

Got a challenging commercial roofing project? Give us a call today and see how your local Minnesota professional roofing contractor can make your project successful. 

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